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Gateway Marina’s First Annual Snapper Tournament
The tournament took place from June 12th through July 12th, with winners announced Saturday, July 13th.

Under the tournament rules, fish had to caught while leaving from Cedar Key, Suwannee or Horseshoe and weighed in within 24 hours at Gateway Marina in Suwannee. Contestants were only able to weigh in three fish during the entire tournament and all fish had to be caught using a hook and line.

Winners shared in the proceeds from the entry fee with 30% going to first place, 15% to second and 10% to third. The remainder of the money, approximately $1,100.00, went towards the efforts to dredge McGriff Channel, an ongoing project of the Suwannee River Chamber of Commerce.

"We were pleased with how the tournament went especially since this was our first," said Marina Manager, Dana Collins. "We are very grateful to all who participated and invite anglers to stop by the marina with any comments and suggestions for our next snapper tournament."

Winners were:
1st - Mike White, Jr.
2nd - Trevor Hicks
3rd - Chris Charles (donated his winnings back)

Gateway Marina owner David Silverstein
and Marina Manager, Dana Collins

Posted on 17 Aug 2019
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